Redevelopment of Commercial Building – Toronto, Ontario

The planned project will include the redevelopment of a commercial site, which is situated in a build-out urban setting, for mixed-use residential, retail and office space including a thirty-two storey high-rise tower with three levels of undergrounds parking. The project has the unique challenge of the close proximity of the proposed structure footprint to an adjacent TTC subway structure and the construction of foundations and soil retention/shoring systems in that setting. The project is in the very early stages and the mandated works revolved around its feasibility.

Scope Of Work

B.I.G. Consulting Inc. (BIG) was retained to provide geo-environmental services including environmental, preliminary hydrogeological and preliminary geotechnical assessments to support the proposed development.


BIG’s approach was to adopt a subsurface investigation with strategically placed boreholes and groundwater monitoring wells and appropriate number and spacing of boreholes carried out concurrently to obtain the necessary data to support the Phase Two ESA, preliminary hydrogeological and preliminary geotechnical investigations in a timely and cost-effective manner. Carrying out the field investigations concurrently allowed for synchronicity between the hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations and provided the client with the necessary information to assist with the decision making and project approvals process on a go forward basis.

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