Soil & Groundwater Remediation – Ajax, Ontario

B.I.G. Consulting Inc. (BIG) was retained to conduct necessary environmental studies at a property in Ajax. The property was previously occupied by a manufacturing facility and as a result of its operations some localized soil and groundwater impacts were identified. Most of the impacts were identified in groundwater and were related to historical spills of trichloroethylene which was used for degreasing purpose. The use of the property had to be re-zoned from industrial to residential land use as a client was planning to build residential subdivision.

Scope Of Work

The land use change from less stringent to more stringent triggered the need for a Record of Site Condition (RSC). In order to file an RSC, BIG conducted a Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) followed by a Phase Two ESA. The Phase Two ESA identified a number of impacts in soil and groundwater which had to be delineated. Upon completion of delineation, BIG developed a remedial action plan to remediate soil and groundwater impacts.


BIG used a combination of in-situ and ex-situ remediation to effectively treat groundwater impacts. Impacted soil was excavated and removed off-site to a landfill facility. The areas where groundwater impacts were identified, BIG instructed a contractor to excavate soil and stockpile it in rows for further on-site treatment. Upon completion of remediation BIG monitored the groundwater quality for a required period of time and ultimately filled RSC.

The project was completed on a lump sum basis and within a year from its start.

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